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I am an Editorial Photographer from NYC. My works have been published in national newspapers and have been seen and shared internationally online. Capturing a story is what I love to do and I strive to project my best.

Please send me an Email: somethingaboutharlem@gmail.com

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Welcome to My Page

23 responses to “HOME

  1. Very well done I look forward to all the new exciting things you will share with the world I’m a fan of your work. Keep up the great work

  2. 1st off…
    Me and this amazing brother Keith Rogers are from the same “Stomping Grounds ” HARLEM, NYC ” I’m a fan of his phenomenal work. Keith has created awareness to the World through his talents that – There’s still beauty within the streets of Harlem. He even reached the masses through Hip Hop giving back and recognizing all who contributed and Succeeded from Harlem.
    Keith brings a positive vibe in his own art form and i applaud him.
    –Thank You,
    DJ CHILLWILL – from the eastside

  3. I am also a fan of Mr. Rogers work and ideas. I appreciate what you see through the lens of you camera. Half of the story is already told when a picture is presented. Keep up the great works

  4. Keith is a wonderful person! Your work of art is extremely creative and professional. Continue to keep up the great work.

  5. Pleased to see you creating/developing in progress. Yess sir my brotha..keep it going
    Keith do your thing you business man you.
    No doubt.. Peace

  6. The love for your art shows in the product Keith, always a joy to see…to see the world through your lens is always enlightening.

  7. Hi Keith, my name is Andrea. We performed at the NYC Dept of Human Resource Black History program February 28th. The dance troupe is InnerVisions Theater Arts Center. I was wondering if you still had the photos we took on the stairwell; if so can you forward them to the above email address. Thank you

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