18 responses to “FEEDBACK

  1. I have worked with many photographers, but I must say that this man brings something special to the table. His passion and love for working with people is apparent when you meet him. His hard working nature brings perfection and beauty to each photo. I look forward to following this mans career as he takes the picture world by storm.

  2. Keith is amazing! The images that he has captured of Black Ivory from just ONE event, already have the look of classics. I hope to be seeing much more of him far into the future as he immortalizes our lives and our community.

  3. Life is absolutely art, and I am just in awe of Keith’s photos and his VISION! He makes it seem easy…that’s how the greats are. The thing is, though, there is so much more to come. I am looking forward to it. I’m actually learning a lot about life through his art. I’m older than he is, but this [old] dawg is still learning some new pics. :o) I am happy that this page exists, and happy that Keith’s vision continues.

  4. Mr. Rogers since the day we met and the product you have been manufacturing and all you represent, have made me a firm believer of life in art form is about. Thanks for being supportive at most of our events and showing your love.

  5. Keith Rogers? Where do I begin…Working with him on the same stage at Carengie Hall while he played trumpet…nice!, Plus he took some great photos of me. Thata\’s when I learned what a great photogrpaher he is…well its just gets better with Keith.I did THE LADY GOT CHOPS FESTIVAL and he made a video of our performance not only did it come out with a crystal clear sound and image ,he also has a keen ability to edit. A very humble, cat with patiencet ..I will continue to use him forever. He is also very affordable for artist like myself.i can call Keith for any type of event indoor out out dorrs and know Im going to have the best equipment used and i won’t be flusterated at the end of the shoot. Keith Rogers also can be very artistic with a photo if given the liberties he always ask you first.

  6. Keith I appreciate your art work as a great photographer and a good musician.Additionaly; I have always said musicians know the deal as for as taking pictures and being creative they come from the heart. !!!!! YES I SAID IT,,HARLEM GROOVE

  7. Yo Keith. I’ve seen your previous work, and you don’t disappoint , Cuz. proud of you man. May your talents as both a photographer, and a musician take you far Brotha…….. Jr.

  8. Hey Keith…. Stopping by to show love …. Very unique pictures…. I will be stopping through often…. Tasia/JUST GIMME THE MIC!!!!

  9. Tho’ in it’s infancy I am already impressed. Keith, the quality of your work always leaves me in awe. You have a love for the community which translates well as we view it through your
    lens. My world has been enriched by the inspiration that drives you. For me, it would be a sad day, were I not to be able to view your works…THANK YOU Sir, merely for being you….

  10. I have known Keith for17 years now and he has always been an amazing friend, person and artist. Keith is always looking for the truth and that is something we as a society need to take more seriously. Since the first day of college orientation, we were friends. We came from completely different backgrounds, but none of that stuff mattered. What mattered was the important stuff, humanity and universal brotherhood. If our society has more cats like Keith Rogers, we are headed in the right direction. I celebrate his website and look forward to learning about the world and myself through it. Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. Keith has got it!!! He took the pictures for my CD “Jump Blues” and captured the excitement I felt during the performance. You will not be disappointed with his vision. Keith great work!!!

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